31 Incredible Big Boys Toys for Men in 2018

What a time to be alive.

Thanks to a technology boom in the last few years, we now have a proliferation of awe-inspiring big boys toys at our disposal, ranging from the life-changing to the absolutely hilarious.

Call us biased, but arguably one of the best things about this era of technological innovation is the sheer amount of time that is being spent developing man-toys, cars, and general life-hacking tech.

Whether it’s geared toward guys who love to go outside, stay in, party it up, or make something amazing, rest assured, someone is tucked away in a lab working to produce something awesome.

Here are our picks of the most incredible big boys toys on the market / in development today (note: we are not affiliated with any of these products):


These intricate clockwork models are the airfix kit for the discerning adult.

Made entirely out of wood and requiring no glue, they look like some charming Wes Anderson set piece and are jaw-droppingly cool.

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2 The Nissan Bladeglider

‘Fantasy to Reality’ is what Nissan promise with this, a light, 3-seater sports car that produces zero emissions.

Rarely has an F1-looking car looked so futuristic or cool.


3 Cabriovelo

Championed in Italy (where else?) the Cabriovelo is the ultimate e-bike that allows you to nip in and out of charming city streets in an environmentally-friendly way, all while yelling “ciao” at the beautiful girls.

4 Hover Camera

Personal drones are so last year, now you’ll only be cool if you’ve got hold of an autonomous one that does all the filming for you.

The main feature of this bit of kit is its tracking camera and perfect balance from person to person.

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5 The BB-8 App Enabled Droid

“Enough with the tech,” you’re saying. “Show me the actual toys!” Okay, we’ve got you.

BB-8 was the breakout star of the new Star Wars film, and now you can control him using Bluetooth. It’s pretty damn awesome.

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6 The Seabreacher

Every wanted to be a James Bond villain or host exciting water races like you’re in an aquatic Fast and the Furious?

The Seabreacher is a colorful, funky, fast diving machine that lets you be the toast (or the terror) of your local bay area.

7 U-Boat Worx Superyacht

Fancy something a bit more serene when it comes to your underwater excursions?

Channel your inner Little Mermaid and go under the sea. Take a friend (or in the case of this video, two glamorous ladies) down below for some amazing sightseeing. You’ll feel like James Cameron.

8 Fathom One

Or maybe you just don’t want to get in the water at all? As soon as drone technology rocketed up skywards, it was only a matter of time before we were exploring coral reefs and underwater wrecks with them.

9 Taurus Motorcycle

Trust the Russians to come up with something as hard-core as a light-weight, folding motorcycle. This beastly little thing can conquer all terrains, before being carried home at the end of the day.

10 Monkii Bars

For parkour experts, the city is a  gym. For everyone else not living in 2010, exercise when you’re out and about (and not near a pickup game of soccer) can be hard.

The Monkii Bars promise to solve this, providing users with ample opportunity to turn things like trees into usable exercising platforms.Zungle Audio Shades

11 Zungle Audio Shades

Forget the Apple Earpods, this company has combined some absolutely incredible speaker technology with simple, cool sunglasses for a wireless audio experience that means you can ignore people without them even knowing about it.

12 Zeeq – Smart Pillow

On the subject of wireless music, how often have you had to sacrifice your sleep positions to listen to tunes in bed?

The Zeeq promises to be able to not only provide you with a snoozing playlist, but also monitor your sleep patterns and wake you up intelligently. Pretty cool, as long as you don’t drool, I guess.

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13 Cannonball Audio Floating Speakers

Big love to waterproof speakers.

In time, they’ll probably become the most vital part of a Summer pool party other than a life ring you’ll use to fish out your drunk friends. The Cannonball also floats and provides 360 degrees of sound. This is awesome.

14 Modobag

Hey, airports are boring. I don’t think I’m rocking the boat by saying that.

But the Modobag might just make it the most fun place to be. Why? With the Modobag you can ride around on your luggage and leave all those sucker holiday-makers with their wheelies in your dust.

15 Fidget Cube

Speaking of stuff you never knew you needed, here’s the Fidget Cube – a veritable fiddler’s dream-box. They say that the devil makes work for idle thumbs, but the devil’s going to need a new career once these things hit the shelves.

16 Cinder Precision Grill

Cooking can be a pain for some guys, so thank god tech geeks are working around the clock to eradicate this headache.

Hopefully ‘cinders’ in name only, this smart grill links up with an app to tell you exactly what’s going on with your food. It also cooks it to perfection. Move over George Foreman.

17 Lark-Wi Smart Lock

One of the perils of being alive today is being outside without your keys.

But very rarely are we caught out without our phones. Lark-Wi knew that when they built this bluetooth enable lock that can be smart so you don’t have to.

18 iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher

Speaking of saving time, if you’ve got a restless pup who needs a heck of a lot of attention, you could do worse than checking out this thing.

A ball-firing gizmo that also the dog can play with by itself, what’s the catch?

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19 TAP

Wearable tech is only getting cooler, it’s also finally catching up to sci fi movies. With TAP, every surface becomes a keyboard for your phone, so you too can have sneaky conversations with people while you’re in bed with your loved one.

Just don’t make the mistake of forgetting you’re wearing it, and then idly drumming out some dirty messages while waiting for the kettle to boil.

20 Sensoria Fitness T-Shirt

Forget the wristbands and the watches, wearable tech is better when you barely notice it.

As a t-shirt, the Sensoria can get a good picture of your fitness activity, so you can brag about how far you ran on social media later.

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“It’s 2016, where’s my Hoverboard?” says every wiseguy who’s ever seen Back to the Future II. Well I’ll tell you where, it’s in the water.

Look over there, it’s majestic.

22 Inti 2 Tent

Get outdoors, that’s where all the best big boys toys are. The Inti 2 Tent by Cotopaxi is a versatile ‘do-it-all’ shelter that can house anywhere from one to four people with simple expanding walls.

You’ll never have to buy more than one type of tent again (unless you have more than three friends).

23 Estream

Okay. You’re going to need more than a tent to impress your friends. How are you going to stay up to date with the world while you’re in the great outdoors?

Easy, with this personal turbine that charges your gadgets with the majestic power of water!

24 Fluxbag

You’ve gotta love something that cuts down the boring parts of having fun: namely, inflating your plastic crocodile or shark during beach days.

It’s like having a bag full of air, ready for you.


Maybe you’re looking for something more bespoke in your toys, a little touch of class for your home?

The RIZE is an amazing handcrafted piece of art that uses magnets and ferrofluid to shift and shape and turn in your hands.

26 Slow Dance

The word ‘beguiling’ has never been more appropriate. A seemingly normal frame, the Slow Dance basically slows down time for anything in it.

Confused? So was I, but having watched the video I now believe magic is real.

27 ASAP Connect

Thank God for innovators saving us from life’s ultimate hassles.

A bad wire can ruin a day, or if you’re really unlucky, your phone itself. ASAP Connect (also their hip-hop alter ego) promises to remove this particular headache.

28 Coin

This nifty gadget will be a life-saver for anyone with a wallet filled to the brim.

You don’t have to be even slightly wealthy to have about 100 different cards, including loyalty and membership ones. Coin is streamlining all that, just for you.

29 Ganker Robots

The first rule of robot fight club is “you do not talk about robot fight club” unless it’s totally freaking sweet like these mini sword-wielding, Transformer-like robots are!

30 Ziro

Uh, move over Lego because these guys have just invented a way to bring cardboard to life, and you can operate it using a wireless power glove.

How long before our creations become sentient and turn on us, though?


31 Aquapod Soda Bottle Rocket Launcher

This ain’t your grandmother’s bottle rocket launcher, look how powerful this thing is!

Get rid of everything you thought you knew from school, and start shooting bottle rockets like a man.

So there you have it, gentlemen. Plenty of big boys toys for the modern, adult man. The best part is, there are inventors out there working on neat stuff for us dudes all the time, and the immense competition for innovation means that each new one is more cutting-edge than the last.

Have you tried any of these already? Chat with me about it in the comments.

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