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Manscaped Review: Should You Trust It With Your Precious Cargo?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post containing affiliate links. We received compensation and courtesy product from Manscaped in exchange for our honest review only. All opinions expressed here are our own. What's this?

Their pricing may turn off some, but the quality and range of Manscaped's products is sure to win over plenty of budding manscapers in search of male grooming perfection.

The rundown:
  • Quality of Products
  • Utility
  • Value for Money
  • Packaging
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“It’s so nice looking.”

“I love that you keep a clean shop.”

“You always smell so good down there compared to other guys I’ve been with.”

These are a few things you might hear from women if you’re a manscaper.

On the other hand:


That’s what you’re likely to hear from women if you grow it all out down there like you’re an upside down member of ZZ Top.

Yep, that’s right. Crickets.

Because once they get a glimpse of your wilderness they’ll be running for the hills.

Why Is ‘Manscaping’ Important?

In a recent study, a group of Swiss researchers surveyed 105 women with the goal of figuring out what women look for in the perfect penis.

They were asked to rank eight different traits related to the penis in order of most important to least important.

Depending on how clued up you are on this topic, the results may surprise you.

Length didn’t rank first. And neither did girth. In fact, they didn’t even come close to being the most important, ranking sixth and third respectively.

The number one ranked most important physical penis trait was “general cosmetic appearance”.

And number two?

The state of male pubic hair.

Yes, that’s right. Women care much more about how well maintained things are down there as opposed to how long or wide you are.

This is really good news, gentlemen. Trust me.

Because manscaping is just a touch easier and less painful than penis enlargement injections.

And it’s made even easier with a range of products built specifically for the job by Manscaped.

Keep reading for my detailed review.

Manscaped Review: The Perfect Package 2.0

Manscaped - All Products

I subjected my nether region to the full range of Manscaped’s offerings. I tried The Perfect Package 2.0  set which includes:

Read reviews on Amazon:

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Manscaped also sells a smaller set which only includes only the trimmer and the grooming kit (plus free shaving mats):

Last update on 2020-06-03 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Keep reading for my detailed reviews of each individual product.

Manscaped Lawn Mower 2.0 Review

What’s the first thing you do to tell the world that something is new and improved? Slap a ‘2.0’ on the end of its name.

Launched in August 2018, the Lawn Mower 2.0  fits so nicely in your hand that it’d be the cruellest punishment in the world if you were forced to mow your actual lawn with it.

Featuring a 6,000 RPM motor (which apparently equals 6,000 cutting strokes per minute), it’s rechargeable via USB cable. You’ll get up to 60 minutes of manscaping pleasure per charge.

The 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm detachable safety guards allow you to adjust your trim length and avoid nicking your crotch (big win).

And our favorite feature, the rust-proof and waterproof replaceable ceramic blade module, means you should get more mileage out of it than a sea captain does his pipe.

Lawn Mower vs Lawn Mower 2.0 – What’s the Difference?

The Lawn Mower vs The Lawn Mower 2.0

Are you an original Lawn Mower owner wondering what all the kids are talking about with this swanky new contraption? Here’s the scoop on what’s changed:

New design. The handling of the original was one of its strong points, so I was interested to see how the ergonomic redesign would feel. The trimmer is now longer to make room for the new rechargeable battery, and I agree with their claims that it fits in your hand better (dudes with big hands, rejoice).

More powerful motor. Clocking in at 6,000 RPMs, the 2.0 has 50% more cutting power than it’s predecessor.

Rechargeable. Yep, no more rattling through your third kitchen draw (naked) in search of a replacement battery. I like that and I think my neighbors will too.

Ceramic Blades. Upgraded from stainless steel, ceramic blades are sharper, completely waterproof, and never rust. Oh, and because they don’t conduct heat as fast as stainless steel, you shouldn’t get so much of that warm feeling on your balls while you’re trimming shop.

QuietStroke Technology. I’m sure some of you guys have been there. You’re prepping yourself for a fun night with your partner. You look down, and bam. Hedge city. It’s probably best to give ’em a trim before pulling out your best moves. You’ve got no choice but to run your trimmers. “Bzzzzzz!” she hears through the paper thin bathroom walls. Look, it’s fine, and who really cares right? But the sound strips just a touch of the mystery out of the evening. With new technology dampening the vibrations, you can now keep your maintenance on the down-low.

Price. Like anything in the world, new things ain’t free. The 2.0 is about 50% more expensive than the original as a standalone buy. You can get it at a reduced price if you get it standalone as part of a Peak Hygiene Plan where you get quarterly blade refills, or at even further a reduced price as part of a set.

Watch the Lawn Mower 2.0 in action:

What I Like

  • It’s designed purely for manscaping. And this is probably the best thing about it. The sleek, non-slip really does allow you to grab it with precision. It gives you a lot of confidence that you’re not going to nip something that you really don’t want to nip.
  • The motor increase from 4,000 RPM to 6,000 RPM is a big improvement. I noticed it right away—my hair now trims more evenly and with less strokes. If you’re a guy with thick or curly hair down there you’ve finally got a replacement for those hedge clippers you’ve been using.
  • Ceramic blades means more blade sharpness. And it shows, you can definitely get a super close shave (if that’s what floats your boat).
  • The replaceable trimmer head combined with the fact that the ceramic blades makes it rust-proof and water-proof is great for longevity.
  • It’s quiet and doesn’t vibrate much. I like that it’s discrete and the minimal vibration makes it easier to handle while you’re navigating it around your favorite body part.

What I Don't Like

  • The price is close to what you’d pay for a beard trimmer. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it may place it into the “too expensive” basket for some guys given its niche application. I do think the value is still there if you grab it as part of a set.
  • The rechargeable battery is convenient but it only lasts for up to 60 minutes. It should still last a few months between charges for most guys (unless you’re some kind of manscaping lunatic) but if you’re travelling, you’ll want to remember to pack the charger just in case it runs out.
  • The USB charger is a bit flimsy and generic.

The Verdict

If you’re a regular manscaper currently using your beard/hair trimmer to shave your nether, then now is the right time for all of this to change.

Because, man—that’s pretty gross when you really think about it.

From the size, to the shape, to the power, The Lawn Mower 2.0 is purpose built for manscaping.

Manscaped’s pricing model does make it tough to not stump up the extra $$$ to get it as part of The Perfect Package 2.0  set. That little bit extra gets you a new safety razer, moisturizer, toner, deodorant, shaving mat, grooming kit, and a travel bag.

It’s also a decent way to give the rest of manscaped’s offerings a go (which is obviously their goal, in the hope that you’ll take up one of their subscription options and/or become a long term customer).

But what if you already own the original Lawn Mower? Should you upgrade? I think it really comes down to your budget and how well the original is working for you. If you’re a guy with long or curly hair, the new motor is going to upgrade your trimming experience a lot.

Also, if you’ve owned the original for over a year and you haven’t looked after it as well as you should, chances are the blades on it have started to wear anyway.

The new replaceable, rust-proof, and waterproof ceramic blades dramatically increase the longevity of your trimmer. My advice? When your budget allows get yourself some new liquids and upgrade to the the 2.0 as part of a set where it’s better priced.

Get The Lawn Mower 2.0

Manscaped The Plow Review

Manscaped have named their safety razor “The Plow” and after a few uses you’ll understand why.

This thing evaporates the hair on your balls like a street sweeper on the first day of winter.

Housed in a compact case with mirror, The Plow is made from rust-proof stainless steel. It has a heavy feel to it which is always nice and it comes with three double-edged single blades. You get 10 replacement blades as part of the Replenish Pack, or you can grab them individually (at a slightly higher price).

What I Like

  • It’s small for easy maneuverability around your precious family jewels.
  • Despite it’s size, it has a heavy feel to it. The design also looks nice, and when combined with the weight, gives it a quality look and feel overall. It should last a long time.
  • The gripped handle allows you to have closer control, especially if you’re using it in the shower.
  • The safety guard is well positioned and definitely helps to cut down on nicks.
  • The blades didn’t corrode or rust when left in a wet environment.
  • Simple to change out the blade.
  • No bumps or irritation to report from this razor after a few weeks of use.

What I Don't Like

  • The handle is a bit dainty. If it was a little longer it could be easier to use, especially for guys with bigger hands.
  • Only comes with three blades whereas if you order a refill you get 10. To be fair, this isn’t unlike most commercial razors but a few more thrown in wouldn’t hurt.

The Verdict

Again, if you’re using your face razor—or worse, your Mom’s face razor (I’m looking at you, guy) to shave your meat and two vegetables, then you really need this razor.

If you’ve already got a safety razor dedicated to manscaping duty, the question becomes how happy you are with it.

I’m really impressed with the quality of The Plow. Unlike many razors I’ve bought, I can tell this one is going to last for a long time. Also, unlike other safety razors I tried, I didn’t get any bumps or irritation from this one after using it every other day for several weeks.

I like that it has it’s own little box to hide in after performing its honorable duty. And while I wish the handle could be a touch bigger, I’m satisfied with how easy it is to use.

Yes, I also would’ve liked to see a few more than three blades included. But they’re pretty cheap to replace ($4.49 for 10 if you subscribe—and you can choose the frequency of shipments).

All in all, I’m gonna be happily Plowin’ for the foreseeable future.

Get The Plow

Buy as part of The Perfect Package 2.0 set:

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Manscaped Crop Preserver (Ball Deodorant) Review

Ever thought you’d have ball deodorant and moisturizer as part of your daily routine? Me neither.

But just like it’s a good idea to moisturize your face after shaving, it makes sense to do the same for your boys if you’re shaving them. And look—this is definitely a luxury product. But you really get used to the softness. Oh, and actually smelling pleasant down there.

Crop Preserver  is residue and oil-free and made out of anti-chafing and quick-absorbing liquid talcum gel. The only way I can describe the smell is “neutral fresh with a hint of musk”. It’s got a bit of that old-school manly barbershop smell to it. It’s not overpowering.

Oh, and small sample size here I know, but my girlfriend really likes the smell.

What I Like

  • It takes a little while to get used to your balls being soft all day. But you grow to be disappointed by the difference if you don’t use it.
  • The smell is neutrally pleasant and not overpowering. My girlfriend is a…fan.
  • It’s oil free and the liquid talcum gel is designed to prevent chafing.

What I Don't Like

  • At $19.99 for a one-time buy it’s not cheap. It’s a luxury product and not every guy will be able to justify the cost. The price does become much more reasonable as part of a Replenish Pack ($9.99 / month) or as part of one of the sets.

The Verdict

Crop Preserver makes a man’s commonly dank place notably less dank. And for that reason alone it has value in the world.

It truly does make your balls feel and smell great.

But it’s not cheap. And because of this it falls pretty squarely in the luxury product category.

And let’s be honest, our forefathers didn’t see the need to apply ball deodorant. But our forefathers didn’t see the need to watch other people watch other people play video games either, did they?

If you’re on board with The Plow (as you should be), I think your best value option is to sign up to the Replenish Pack for monthly or bi-monthly delivery. That’ll give you your replacement blades plus top up your formulations at a reasonable cost of $29.95 / delivery.

Get Crop Preserver

Manscaped Crop Reviver Review

The true shower in a bottle has arrived.

Manscaped’s Crop Reviver  is the spray you kinda wish you had in your back pocket on more than one moment of escalation.

In addition to the pick-me-up, it features aloe and witch hazel extracts for the purpose of reducing post-manscaping inflammation and irritation.

It’s also pH balanced which is important for minimizing skin issues.

It has a similar smell to the Crop Preserver, but perhaps is a little bit more potent due to the spray form. I find it to be quite pleasant and still not at all overpowering.

What I Like

  • Keeps your boys feeling and smelling fresh.
  • Works really well as a pick-me-up spritz if you’re on the go.
  • Smells pleasant and not overpowering.
  • I did not experience any inflammation or irritation when using Crop Reviver alongside Manscaped’s other formulations. Do note, though—I didn’t test it in isolation.
  • A little goes a long way.

What I Don't Like

  • While a little does go a long way, there’s only one size available (2 fl. oz / 59 ml). It’s the smallest of all of Manscaped’s formulations, but it’s also the only spray so it’ll last a good while—provided you don’t go crotch-shower-ballistic.
  • At $17.99 per bottle as a standalone buy, it falls alongside the Crop Preserver in the luxury product category. Again, the cost of the Reviver is much easier to swallow as part of a set or Replenish Pack.

The Verdict

Crop Reviver is a unique product, and to be honest, I really like using it.

It smells and feels great and I like that I can throw it in my gym or work bag for a quick crotch reset after a big day of getting around. As a guy who can get irritated skin from shaving, I like that it’s pH balanced and designed to reduce inflammation and irritation.

Do I see myself buying it as a one-time purchase for $17.99? Not until my net wealth increases considerably. But I do think it’s good value if you grab it as part of a set or Replenish Pack.

Get Crop Reviver

Manscaped Crop Cleanser Review

A skin care regime without body wash is like pizza without cheese.

Alright that’s not the best analogy here but I’m gonna ride it out.

Crop Cleanser  is Manscaped’s hair and body wash designed with manscaping and total body cleansing in mind.

It features Active pH Control™ and is made from aloe vera and sea salt, among other ingredients. The brand advise using their body wash post trim in addition to as part of everyday showering (they would say that!) for optimal cleanliness, freshness, and moisture.

So did it live up to the words on the bottle?

What I Like

  • Just like the grooming brand’s other formulations, Crop Cleanser smells great. It has that similar old school musky barber smell and it “oozes manliness”. Those are my girlfriend’s words.
  • A little goes a long way.
  • The freshness sticks for most of the day.
  • At 8 fl. oz / 236 ml it’s the biggest and so far longest lasting of my other Manscaped formulations.

What I Don't Like

  • It does lather eventually but it takes quite a bit more effort than you might be used to with other body wash products.
  • Yep, the price again. At $19.99 as a standalone buy, it ain’t cheap. But on the plus side, you don’t need to use a lot on each application.

The Verdict

The Crop Cleanser compliments Manscaped’s other formulations nicely.

It feels and smells really nice. So much so that I’ve actually grown to look forward to using it everyday in the shower.

While it doesn’t lather as easily as other body washes I’ve used, on the plus side, a little of it does go a long way.

Again, its price is going to make it less accessible to some guys. If you’re one of them, I’d suggest giving it a go as part of a set or Replenish Pack where you’ll get better value for money.

Get Crop Cleanser

Buy standalone:

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Or as part of The Perfect Package 2.0 set:

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Manscaped The Shears Review

The aptly named 'The Shears'  are Manscaped’s version of a grooming kit.

And as someone who’s always arguing with my girlfriend as to where she (or more likely, I) left our nail clippers, I was super happy to have my own kit to try out.

Housed in a snug little carry case, you get a pair of safety scissors, nail clippers, tweezers, ear pick, and a nail refining file—all made from high quality stainless steel.

And the first thing you’ll notice is how heavy each piece is. And it might just be the guy in me but I just love heavy stainless steel things.

They’re finished with matte satin and all of the tools are corrosion resistant.

What I Like

  • The tools have a really durable feel to them. You can tell they are built to last.
  • The clippers and scissors are nice and sharp for nail and nose hair trimming precision.
  • The pouch fits everything perfectly and is a good size for travelling with.

What I Don't Like

  • The only downside is the price. There are men’s grooming kits out there offering a wider variety of tools at a similar price point, however, in fairness to Manscaped, they cover the essentials, and the quality of the tools included is right up there.

The Verdict

If you’re like me and you’re constantly battling your girlfriend as to the whereabouts of your grooming tools, or much worse, you don’t own any grooming tools, then The Shears are a really good buy if quality is what you’re looking for.

Consistent with the Manscaped catalog, at $19.99 this isn’t cheap for a five piece set, but you’ll have the peace of mind knowing it’ll last the test of (grooming) time.

Get The Shears

Buy standalone:

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Buy as part of The Perfect Package 2.0 set:

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Or as part of the smaller Grooming Tools set:

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Manscaped The Shed Review

If you’re a true manscaper, you’ll understand.

You don’t simply stop trimming the hedges just because you’re on the road. And Manscaped clearly gets this.

'The Shed'  is the brand’s purpose-made travel bag for taking all of your manscaping supplies with you when you’re on the go. Water resistant and built at a compact 9″ x 4″ x 6″, it features a quick-grab handle and inner zipper closure for your loose trimmer parts.

I found I was able to fit everything I tried into it pretty easily (minus the shaving mat).

What I Like

  • It’s sturdy all round.
  • The zip is strong and of good quality, unlike so many men’s wash bags I’ve tried.
  • The handle and inner zip container are nice touches for extra utility.
  • It’s small enough to fit in your luggage but big enough to fit all of your manscaping tools.

What I Don't Like

  • It looks about as pretty as most sheds you’ll see. The material and colors used aren’t easy on the eye at all.
  • It’s not cheap at $39.99 if bought individually. But it’s a solid value-for-money grab as part of The Perfect Package set.

The Verdict

This bag ticks most of the boxes that you need for a wash bag. I like that it’s water resistant and clearly of durable build.

On the downside, for me personally, I find it to be pretty ugly, and it’s a bit pricey as a standalone buy.

The bottom line—if you need a travel bag and you’re even half interested in some of the other Manscaped products I’ve reviewed, you can’t really go too wrong with The Perfect Package set.

Because let’s be honest. A wash bag doesn’t need to look great if it does its job well. And when it comes to keeping your manscaping gear and toiletries all in one place while you’re on the road, The Shed will serve you just fine.

Get The Shed

Buy standalone:

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Or as part of The Perfect Package 2.0 set:

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Manscaped The Magic Mat Review

Part marketing, part gimmick, and part functional—Manscaped’s Magic Mat is designed for both entertainment and utility.

They’re a set of disposable shaving mats. And the idea is for you to spread them out (not unlike a newspaper) and trim onto them for easy disposable.

OK, so what’s so entertaining about that?

Well you see, this isn’t just an ordinary old newspaper. Flick through the pages and you’ll find jokes, how-to-guides, crosswords and even horoscopes. All related to manscaping or the Manscaped’s brand.

It’s a pretty neat idea. And yep, an old-school alternative to flicking through your phone while you’re on the can.

What I Like

  • The material is actually pretty funny.
  • The pieces aren’t all marketing oriented.
  • The mats are of the right size to catch your falling trimmings and work as advertised for disposal.

What I Don't Like

  • It’s a Manscaped product and so it has Manscaped marketing material on it (including information about their other products etc). This is kind of to be expected, but just a heads up.
  • You only get about seven mats (pieces of paper) in total.

The Verdict

This is a fun product which helps you get a feel for Manscaped’s personality as a brand.

The material is pretty funny and it does serve a purpose in making disposal of your crotch-trimmings a much cleaner and simpler process.

But from a utility perspective, any other newspaper would work just as well.

Like some of the other products featured in this review, it’s a product you won’t mind receiving as part of a set or Replenish Pack.

Get The Magic Mat

Get as part of The Perfect Package 2.0:

Last update on 2020-06-03 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Or as part of the smaller Grooming Tools set:

Last update on 2020-06-03 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Conclusion: Is The Perfect Package 2.0 Worth It?

Manscaped has succeeded in creating a range of high-quality products specifically designed for manscaping.

I like that most products have been designed with the entire catalog in mind and there are plenty of links between them that demonstrate that.

You can’t go too wrong with The Perfect Package 2.0  in terms of value for money and it has absolutely everything you need to manscape properly. I’m editing this post in October 2019, and I’m still using all of the products I got in August 2018 on a weekly basis.

While the pricing of individual items may exclude some guys from ever giving their products a go, I can understand their decision to opt for quality.

Because when it comes to your family jewels, surely quality is king?

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