Vincero Watches Review: I Came. I Saw. But Did I Conquer?

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While there are a few minor feature gripes, in terms of build quality and beauty of design, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better value for money luxury watch at this price point.

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The rundown:
  • Design
  • Materials
  • Value
  • Craftmanship
  • Customer Service

‘I will win.’

I’m hesitant anytime I hear about a newer watch brand that is suddenly everywhere.

For me it was Facebook. In between Aunt Kathy’s third mundane weather update for the day and a cringe-worthy selfie from that guy I sort of knew in high school, there sat a candidate for my now waning attention.

A Vincero Watches ad.

And while you may have your own version of Aunt Kathy, if you’re on Facebook, and assuming you’re into men’s fashion, you’ve probably had one of these pop up on your own feed.

I’ll own up to it. Vincero’s clean chronograph style and reasonable prices caught my attention. And I had to get my hands on one.

So I did.

And no, I didn’t start the article that way because I needed to pump myself up for this post (although I might start chanting that before I start writing from now on).

I did so because Vincero means ‘I will win’ in Italian. And it’s why they chose the name.

So did I win with my Vincero timepiece? Keep reading to find out.

Who Are Vincero Watches?

Vincero aim to hit that sweet spot between premier quality and affordability. Their pricing structure places them at the low-mid range of the luxury watch market with most of their watches falling between $149 and $169.

They have developed a core range of six watch types and offer over 65 individual styles to choose from within that range.

The Story

I like Vincero’s story. It will hit home for you if you have even an ounce of entrepreneurial spirit in your blood.

The brand was built from the ground up by three friends bonded together by a mutual love for making things. I’ll give you the brief, but it’s worth checking out their full story, here’s a link.

The three guys dreamed of revolutionizing the luxury watch game, and collectively ventured with a one-way ticket to Guangzhou, China. As you do. For years they survived on very little, didn’t take days off, and in 2014, they finally launched Vincero watches.

Vincero’s vision is to create the best value luxury watches in the world. And their mantra? ‘Be Bold, Daring, and Pioneering’.

They don’t try to sell you on some dream of extremely inexpensive watches of the highest caliber. The brand’s watches are fairly-priced, consist of unique yet timeless designs, are of great quality, and it’s all there in plain sight.

Vincero Chrono S Review & Unboxing

Vincero Chrono S on side

I went for the black / silver model of the The Chrono S.

Firstly, I’m a sucker for the chronograph style when it’s done right. Secondly, I chose black / silver because I don’t have many black strap / silver case watches in my current collection.

And finally, it’s just the one that jumped out at me, man. You know how it goes.

Dimensionally, the Chrono S is 43mm in diameter, 11mm thick, and features a 22mm wide strap Italian leather strap.

The case is made from 316L surgical grade stainless steel and the caseback is Italian marble showcase.

It also boasts 5 ATM water resistance, Citizen Miyota Quartz movement, and scratch-resistant sapphire coated crystal glass.

You can pick up a mocha, tan, or classic black leather strap as a paid extra for added versatility.

Vincero Chrono S Close Up
Vincero Chrono S Black SIlver Face Close Up


My Chrono S came housed in a black rectangular box with a cardboard sleeve.

Vincero Watches Box Outside

The box is sturdy and functional with the Vincero logo engraved tastefully on top. It features arched edges all the way around which adds a nice touch. There’s a prominent barcode on the side of the sleeve which in my view slightly detracts from the elegant look they’re going for.

The inside of the watch lid features their main tagline ‘Live your legacy’. Tucked into the disguised pocket of the lid is a thank you card and a small instruction booklet.Vincero Watches Box Open

Overall, I’ve seen more unique looking watch boxes in my time but at this price point it would function just fine as a gift.

The thank you card is a nice touch and it’s branded in a way that gives you the cliffnotes of what Vincero are all about.Vincero Watches Instructions Booklet and Welcome Sheet

The instruction booklet is also well put together and I like that it outlines their story, mission, and process, in addition to the standard watch instructions and warranty/care info.Vincero Watches Instruction Booklet Side 1

Vincero Watches Instruction Booklet Side 1

Now, onto the watch itself.

My Chrono S was tucked in nicely where it should be in the box on arrival (trust me, this isn’t always the case when you get a watch in the post). The face and caseback had a plastic covering as you’d expect, as did the buckle.

Vincero Watches Box Open With Wrapping

Removing the plastic was easy, and once I did, I was really pleased with the way the face looked.

Sometimes what you see on a watch company’s website doesn’t translate to what you see when you get the face in your hands. But in this case, I can honestly say that my expectations were met.

The face looks stunning. Everything was in place where it should be and the case was free of marks or scratches.Vincero Chrono S Black SIlver Face Close Up

The watch also has a nice weight to it and the band has that new leather smell and quality feel. On the downside, the band is a little stiffer than other new leather bands I’ve felt.Vincero Chrono S Buckle

A fun fact about their watches is the engravement on the caseback of every timepiece they produce. Veni. Vidi. Vici. The famous italian statement which means, I came. I saw. I conquered.Vincero Chrono S Case Back

Are you seeing the link with the ‘I will win’ translation of the name Vincero, yet?

What I like

  • It looks stunning. It really draws the eye and I’ve received a bunch of compliments on it. It’s clear that Vincero put a lot of time and attention to detail into the overall craftsmanship.
  • The watch’s quality feel and expensive look makes it a universally fantastic gift.
  • The stainless steel and Italian marble caseback gives the watch a nice weight. It has the perfect balance of feeling great in your hands but not too heavy on your wrist.
  • Overall, the watch looked just as good in person as it did on the website. There’s no spotting or dullness to it, even after several weeks of wear.
  • I like that they offer a wide range of designs. It’s impossible not to find at least one design you like. It’s more likely you’ll be scratching your head trying to decide on just one.
  • The price is on point. The watch looks and feels like a $250+ watch. You feel like you’re getting solid value for money.
  • In terms of keeping the time, it hasn’t missed a beat since I got it (important for a watch, I’d say?).
  • The inserts are tastefully branded and I like that the instruction booklet includes details about the brand’s story, mission, and manufacturing process. Some watchmakers ignore this but it really helps you make a stronger connection with the brand.

What I don't like

  • The leather band is noticeably stiff out of the box and takes some time to break in. It took mine around two weeks to feel supple on my wrist.
  • The box is a little bland and not overly unique, but at the end of the day, you don’t buy a watch for its box.
  • The lume on the hands is quite dull. It’s tough to read the watch in low light. I’ve read a few reviews reporting this same issues, while others have said it’s perfectly bright. It may be luck of the draw.
  • The standalone leather strap add-ons are a little pricey.

The verdict

Yes, the strap is a little stiff. And yes, the box isn’t all that unique and the lume could be brighter.

But for a sub $200 watch you genuinely feel like you are getting outstanding value for money with Vincero.

The Chrono S looks and feels expensive, and I like my watches to have some weight to them as this one does.

The brand have nailed that balance between affordability and quality. And because of their wide range of styles, you’re guaranteed to find one that fits the aesthetic you’re looking for.

And I can attest that this watch catch the eye. Compliment fishermen—you’ve found your most affordable bait.

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Get It

Grab your own Chrono S on Vincero’s official store here.

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Or get it on Amazon:

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If you’re still undecided, take a look at Vincero’s other bestsellers here.

How to Buy On The Vincero Store

Vincero has a simplistic store setup. They don’t crowd you with a hundred options. Whether it’s a watch or a strap you’re chasing, you’ll find it pretty quickly.

Hover your mouse over the men’s section, and click on a series of watch, or browse the lot of them at once.

It’s as simple as making an Amazon order. Inspect the item you want, add it to your cart, and checkout. You can checkout using PayPal or Amazon Pay, speeding up the process.

You’ll be given the option to calculate shipping rates. You automatically get free shipping with any purchase of a watch, though you can determine overnight or priority overnight shipping, available through FedEx. If you’re in no rush, you’ll get standard two to three day shipping.

Fill out your address information, pass through their SSL-secure shop, and you’re good to go. Sit back and wait. It’ll be here before you know it.

How to Maintain Your Vincero Watch

Vincero uses Miyota movements on nearly all of their watches, and unless you have a hobby in clockmaking, this is something you’ll have to head into a local shop to have repaired.

Vincero offers a twenty-four month warranty on all watches, which will include repairs. If your watch is over that two-year threshold, you’ll have to seek out an independent watch repair kiosk or shop.

Issues like the movement or problems with your crown or a loose case back should all be tended to by a professional. The other aspects of maintaining your Vincero watch are quite easy.

You’ll only really have to focus on your strap and the buckle, switching it out when it gets worn down with passing time. Apart from that, it all comes down to cleanliness.

Further reading:

Keeping Your Vincero Watch Clean

Vincero timepieces are built sturdy, but there are some care precautions you want to take into consideration.

All Vincero watch cases are made out of surgical-grade stainless steel, which is incredibly easy to keep clean. You don’t need to polish it, simply give it a quick wipe down with a microfiber cloth each day.

I don’t recommend using a cotton face cloth. When you graze the crown or case back, you could get a small thread stuck somewhere in a small crevice. This is something you run into with every brand of watch.

Take your time cleaning the edge of the case back. Sweat builds up from daily wear, and clings to steel very easily. Wipe it down every night when you take it off before heading to bed.

Lastly, because the dial window is sapphire coated, avoid using chemicals when cleaning. You could use an eyeglass cleaning spray two-hundred times and still have that coating, but it does degrade it over time, and it’s always good to opt for the best practice.


They use small batch manufacturing. They keep it in a controlled amount to put each watch through rigorous testing and quality control, ensuring that their watches live up to the name before landing on your doorstep.

Most manufacturers sample a percentage of their final production and test those. Vincero tests 100% of all watches before shipping.

Not at all. Vincero is highly aware of their inventory, and update their website accordingly to state when something is currently out of stock. You’ll be given the option to reserve order it, or be notified via email when it’s back in stock.

Vincero is on-site and uses their personal team to ensure quality from step one, to the final stage. They’re obsessive about maintaining quality, and don’t rely on others to get the job done.

They employ over 360 workers in factories that have been in service for over seventy years, so there’s always someone from Vincero Collective working on the watch, every step of the way.

Vincero’s final assembly stage takes place in Guangzhou, China, though they source materials from various areas all around the world.

Japanese Miyota movement, Italian Carrara marble, Italian top-grain leather for their straps, and anywhere else the best components for their watches may be. They head directly to the source of their suppliers to inspect the materials.

It means ‘I will win‘ in Italian, drawn from the famous statement ‘veni, vidi, vici’.

Which translates in English to ‘I came. I saw. I conquered’.

Most bands come in at 22mm, specifically designed to compliment two different case sizes that Vincero offers: 40mm, and 43mm. For men’s watches, 40mm is usually the lowest you want to go. You want a 2:1 ratio on case and strap size, respectively.

They offer a wide selection of top-grain leather bands on their website. Since they have a few different watch case colors, grabbing a secondary band is an excellent way to dress up or dress down a watch for a specific style code.

The Chrono S that I received is only waterproof up to five ATM, or five bars if you’re more familiar with that terminology. Ten meters of water resistance, roughly being thirty-three feet.

This is a fairly standard waterproof rating. Good for repelling light rainfall, a splash while washing your hands won’t harm it, but it cannot be submerged for any reason. If you forget that it’s on when you hop in the shower, step back out, take it off, and dry it with your towel.

Vincero watches are made for close time precision, and when you get into watches with a higher bar water resistance rating, you’ll notice a lot of reviews talking about it “losing seconds each day.” That’s because the case is wound tightly to upgrade the water resistance rating. Vincero makes theirs waterproof enough, while still being functional above all else.

Citizen Miyota quartz, better known as Japanese quartz. After owning my fair share of different brands and watch varieties over the years, there’s two main watch movement types I’m on the lookout for: Japanese quartz, and Swiss quartz.

If you dig deep into just what Japanese quartz is, it’s a blanket statement, which is why Vincero gets into specifics. Miyota represents the pinnacle of quality for Japanese quartz watches.

Each aspect of the Chrono S functions excellently. You’ll notice three subdials with very small hands. It’s almost mesmerizing to watch them all work in tandem. There are some reviews online regarding purchases where some functions didn’t work. That was a problem of the past that has since been remedied.

The Chrono S in particular weighs a little over six ounces, just enough that you know it’s there without being a blight on your wrist. When switching out your old band for a new one, they’re all similarly constructed, and won’t affect your carry weight.

Not on all watches, but if you grab a Chrono S or a Kairos, you can get a personalized message in place of their trademark Latin phrase on the back of the case.

They also offer other gifting options as well. Whether you’re getting a series of group gifts for your employees, or want your groomsmen to look uniformly stunning on your big day. If you go through their site and fill out a simple form, you can set this up with ease.

Are Vincero Watches Good?

Vincero watches offer bang for your buck and they’re built to last.

Maintenance issues are few and far between, and their collection gives you a different look for various dress codes and attire.

Based on the materials they use, the customer service they host, and the attention to detail of their craftmanship, they’re a cut above many other watch brands in the same price range.

The strap may take a little bit longer to break in than you might be used to, and the box is a little basic, but these are minor details in the grand scheme.

The truth is, I get more compliments wearing my Vincero than I do with my (significantly pricier) Sinn Regulateur.

And that says something.

In the end, I can confidently say ‘I did win’ with Vincero. And you can too.

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