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Luxor Linens Review (+ How to Keep Your Sheets Tight With the Bed Scrunchie)

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post containing affiliate links. We received compensation and courtesy product from Luxor Linens in exchange for our honest review only. All opinions expressed here are our own. What's this?

Luxor Linens brings a sense of luxury and relaxation through linens, towels and other household textile products to those of us whose lives move too fast for regular resort vacations and trips to the spa.

The rundown:
  • Quality of Materials
  • Value for Money
  • Design
  • Utility
  • Packaging
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If you’re anything like me, you’re moving too fast to get a full eight hours of sleep every night.

Between work, taking care of a house, and yes, catching up on my TV shows (Who’s started the new season of Stranger Things?) there’s just too much dividing my attention.

So the little sleep I do get has to be quality. And if I can find small ways to incorporate even the illusion of relaxation into my daily routine, like a soft towel after a rushed shower or a luxury robe while I’m catching up on emails after that same shower, I’m all about it.

And that’s how Luxor Linens entered my world.

What is Luxor Linens?

Female model wearing Luxor Linens Lakeview Signature Egyptian Cotton Spa Robe while holding a coffee and looking out the window and twirling her hair

Founded in 2005 by entrepreneurs, Jack Nekhala and Michal Nusinkis who share my belief in the value of a quality night’s sleep, Luxor Linens has become a leading provider of luxurious, premium sourced linens, towels, robes and other household textile products.

Nekhala and Nusinkis quickly became a team. Nekhala sourcing premium materials from back home, such as the 100% extra-long staple mercerized Egyptian cotton that the brand has become known for, and Nusinki building up the brand’s presence online.

They eventually expanded into using eco-friendly materials sourced from various places around the world and grown without pesticides, chemicals or other harmful chemicals, which helps me rest easy (pun intended) knowing that the sheets I’m sleeping on aren’t affecting the quality of my sleep.

The brand supplies luxury hotels, while also offering the same products directly to us consumers. They have an extensive product line available online, with several material, color and size options (they even offer a few hard-to-find sizes such as a California King or Olympic Queen).

They also offer a more personalized experience with custom monogramming. You can choose from 35 different color options and eight different fonts and styles. This makes for a nice and easy, foolproof gift. Who doesn’t love fresh linens and towels?

Luxor Linens Screenshot of Monogramming Process

Luxor also offers gift wrapping services for a reasonable price.

Luxor Linens Valentino 1200 Thread Count Cotton Sheets side on packaging

The sheets in particular came packaged beautifully (note: serene setting and cotton wool is our own work—you’re welcome).

A pro tip: if you’re opting for monogramming, make sure you spell your girlfriend’s name right, because monogrammed items aren’t eligible for returns. If you make that mistake, I suspect you will be eligible for a night in the dog house.

They do, however, offer free returns within 30 days of purchase on all other products, along with free US shipping and a 365 day warranty on all purchases.

Luxor Linen Benefits Screenshot

The Review

We’ve got quite a few products from Luxor Linens to review, including a sneak peek of the Bed Scrunchie, which has not yet been released. Here’s what to expect:

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Luxor Linens Product Grid Top Down on White Background

Let’s start by laying out what our team thought about each item individually and then we’ll get into what we think about the brand as a whole.

First up, is one of the brand’s most popular products.

Valentino 1200 Thread Count Cotton Sheets

Luxor Linens Valentino 1200 Thread Count Cotton Sheets unboxing lid open

This 1200 thread count sheet set is made from that infamous 100% extra-long staple mercerized Egyptian cotton we mentioned earlier. And while that just sounds like a string of bedding buzzwords to me, I’ll be the first to admit, they’re onto something here.

I’ve been sleeping on these sheets for about a month now, and I still haven’t gotten over how soft they are.

It’s like I’m on vacation at one of those luxury resorts with the awesome beds that you swear you’re going to look up when you get home because they’re that comfortable. Except it’s every night. And the bed is still the same bed I’ve had for eight years. So really it’s just the sheets that make the difference.

After shot of bed with Valentino 1200 Thread Count Cotton Sheets

But they do make a difference.

The sheets come as a set with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and one or two pillowcases depending on the size you select (I got two for a double bed).

Luxor Linens Valentino 1200 Thread Count Cotton Sheets packaging unwrapped

The Egyptian cotton is smooth and slides well against my skin while I’m adjusting sleeping positions throughout the night. The material is cozy, but doesn’t cause me to overheat at night (which is especially important to me right now during these hot summer months).

The deep pockets fit easily over a tall mattress and even leaves room for a mattress pad.

I opted for white sheets because I believe they’re easiest to clean and are least likely to fade overtime, but this set also comes in 12 other color options from your basic black, taupe and navy to some more colorful options like wine, gold and sky blue. From the reviews I read on their website, the general consensus seems to be that the colors are rich in person and last several years without fading.

Of course I had to test out the custom monogramming option, so I got TAM embroidered on the pillowcases in silver and it’s just the right amount of special without crossing the line into obnoxious.

Vertical shot of bed with Valentino 1200 Thread Count Cotton Sheets

The sheets are machine washable, but if you’re a neat freak like me, you may need to iron them after a wash because they do tend to wrinkle slightly.

Overall, I believe that you can’t put a price on a solid night’s sleep, but if you could I’d pay it. And the older I get, the more important it is to me.

If you’re here, I’m assuming that you’re open to spending up for quality linens. If your budget allows, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the Valentino 1200 thread count set.

Valentino Luxe Egyptian Cotton Spa Towels

Luxor Linens Valentino Luxe Egyptian Cotton Spa Towels folded next to bath

Towels aren’t really something I think of when I’m looking to splurge on something. Normally I’ll go for a fresh pair of shoes or something electronic when I want to treat myself.

So I’ll admit, I wasn’t really expecting much at first.

I generally shower in the morning, first thing after I wake up. Sometimes it’s better than a cup of coffee at getting my mind going and jump starting my day.

So obviously showers are really important to me.

The super soft 100% Oeka-Tex Certified Egyptian cotton at 600 GSM (grams per square meter of cloth—or towel nerd way of saying “thick”) is a welcome change from the scratchy, thin towels I bought from the supermarket years ago.

Luxor Linens Valentino Luxe Egyptian Cotton Spa Towels hanging on bath

The set includes three pieces: a bath towel, a hand towel and a smaller washcloth.

I chose gray, but they come in seven different color options (Aqua, beige, charcoal, gray, white, ivory, peach).

Luxor Linens Valentino Luxe Egyptian Cotton Spa Towels hanging on rack side on

The best part? The towels only get softer each time you wash them.

So you can actually use them, instead of just having that one nice set of towels that hangs on a rack in your bathroom that your girlfriend gives you that look everytime you go to use.

Overall, I’m a fan—it’s easily beaten out all of my old towels in my weekly rotation.

Luxor Linens Valentino Luxe Egyptian Cotton Spa Towels Monogrammed and hanging on rack front on

Anatalya Egyptian Cotton Resort Beach Towel

Luxor Linens Anatalya Egyptian Cotton Resort Beach Towel next to bath folded

Transitioning from inside towels to outside towels, next up is Luxor’s signature beach towel, the Anatalya.

It’s made out of the same long-staple Egyptian cotton and has sand repelling and cooling technologies incorporated, which during the summer in Texas, are greatly appreciated.

The towel is very long, at 40”x70” so it’s not going to leave you with your legs sticking out in the sand at the beach. I really like the graphic striped pattern of the towel. It’s modern but still classic and looks summery without literal images of popsicles and palm trees—although sometimes that’s fun too.

Luxor Linens Anatalya Egyptian Cotton Resort Beach Towel on towel rack

I chose navy, but if you lean more towards the popsicles and palm trees side of the spectrum, they have several bold color options as well, like fuschia, orange and aqua.

You can purchase the towel individually, or in a two-piece or four piece set that will save you a bit of money.

The monogramming option is also available for these towels and the website gives you some pretty cheeky suggestions such as “Vitamin Sea, Basic Beach and Day Drunk” if that’s your thing. I, of course (I bet you’re sensing a pattern here) just opted for “TAM”.

In sum, I’m a fan of this beach towel and believe the price is fair for the quality it offers.

Lakeview Signature Egyptian Cotton Spa Robe

Lakeview Signature Egyptian Cotton Spa Robe top down poroduct shot on white background

I never really thought of myself as much of a robe guy, if I’m being honest. But one thing I know for sure I am, is a multitasker.

I’ve been wearing this guy immediately after my shower while answering emails that came in overnight, making my morning coffee and catching up on the news—all before actually getting dressed.

Honestly, it’s been great. Pants really hold you back in the morning.

The robe is pretty generous in size and very long, so I don’t exactly feel like a Victoria’s Secret Model, however, my girlfriend looks a lot better in the robe than I do, so I forced her to model it for you.

Female model wearing Luxor Linens Lakeview Signature Egyptian Cotton Spa Robe while holding a coffee and looking into the distance

The robe is again made of Egyptian Cotton and has a waffle texture to it that I sometimes find a bit scratchy, but this one doesn’t feel that way to me.

You can custom embroider the robe as well, which for some reason feels extra high class on a robe.

Female model wearing Luxor Linens Lakeview Signature Egyptian Cotton Spa Robe while holding a coffee and looking out the window

If I had one reservation, its that the robe is pretty large and only comes in one size, but as a guy, I’d rather it be too big than too small if you know what I mean.

All-in-all, I’m much more of a fan of the robe than I thought I would be. It’s a great enabler of my multitasking tendencies.

Female model wearing Luxor Linens Lakeview Signature Egyptian Cotton Spa Robe while lying on bed with a book

Bed Scrunchie Review

Bed Scrunchie Unboxing

So what is the Bed Scrunchie? All I know about scrunchies is that my girlfriend uses them to tie her hair back at the gym.

Well, it’s kind of similar to that, but for your bed.

The idea behind the Bed Scrunchie is that it’s supposed to attach onto your sheets from underneath your mattress and hold them in place so there isn’t any moving around or bunching of the sheets overnight. You also pull the rope attached to the scrunchie to tighten the sheets from underneath and get rid of wrinkles.

Bed Scrunchie Bottom View Diagram

The box comes with pretty simple instructions on how to attach it to your sheets.

Inside the box, there are eight clips that supposedly support up to 70 pounds and an elastic band that can supposedly resist up to 500 pounds.

Hard to believe, right? Well this clip of it being held up by a forklift kind of backs it up:

The clips attach onto both the band and the sheet and slides under your mattress with your sheets and then you tighten with the rope and hide the excess underneath your mattress.

Here’s a quick clip on how to install it:

And here’s us doing it:

Bed Scrunchie Installation Process in Pictures

Model Fastening Bed Scrunchie

So does it work?

Vertical Shot of bed with Valentino 1200 Thread Count Cotton Sheet Set from Luxor Linens

Well, it does. The sheets looked a lot less wrinkly right out of the box after using this and they haven’t moved around at all during the night.

I think this product would be really great for restless sleepers who move around a lot during the night or people with children or pets that tend to mess up the bed.

It’s a unique and interesting product and the price is reasonable.

Shot of bed with Valentino 1200 Thread Count Cotton Sheet Set from Luxor Linens

My Overall Thoughts on Luxor Linens

What I Like

  • The quality of materials used for a reasonable price
  • Wide range of color and size options for sheets and towels
  • Eco-friendly
  • 30 day free trial
  • Limited 365 day warranty
  • Free US shipping
  • Custom monogram options
  • Gift wrapping services available
  • Beautiful looking packaging which makes them highly giftable

What I Don't Like

  • Monogrammed products not eligible for return
  • Sheets needed ironing after a wash

The Verdict

Luxor Linens is a solid bet if you’re looking to incorporate high quality, luxury bed and bath linens into your routine at a reasonable price point.

The quality of packaging and monogramming options also makes it an excellent gift option. I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t appreciate quality linens, and if I did, I wouldn’t trust them.

Be mindful of the refund and return T&Cs, especially for used or monogrammed products. And yes, the sheets did need an iron after a wash but that’s not overly unusual for sheets.

But funnily enough, that leads me nicely into the Bed Scrunchie which helped with that. If you’re a guy who likes to set and forget his sheets like I am, then this little product could be worth taking a look at.

Overall, I’m still using everything I got from Luxor on a daily basis (OK, my girlfriend may have claimed the robe) and it’s held up well. If anything changes and the quality drastically deteriorates I’ll return with an update.

But for now, it’s a slightly less sleep deprived thumbs up from me.

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