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Gentleman’s Box Review: Do The Premium Details Add Up?

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Gentleman’s Box delivered big value going for quality over quantity, and while some items could have used more attention to detail, this package helps complete the image of the modern gentleman.

The rundown:
  • Design
  • Quality of Materials
  • Value for Money
  • Craftsmanship
  • Customer Service
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Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

We’ve all heard it a thousand times.

If you’re here, you know a thing or two about style already.

You may have already established yourself as the most fashionable guy in the office. But we both know how hard it is to stay on top of your fashion game when you work long hours.

So how are you going to defend your title as the most stylish guy?

As it turns out, it’s not hard to keep your outfits looking new and fresh. It’s all in the details.

That’s where Gentleman’s Box comes in.

modern made man leather backpack walking away

They aim to outfit guys with new stylish accessories every month, and they even offer a quarterly subscription with some big-ticket items every guy needs.

Gentleman’s Box sent me their February 2020 Classic and Fall 2019 Premium deliveries to check out.

Were they able to pack worthwhile products, or are they just another subscription company filling packages with bargain-basement deals?

Keep reading to see my full review.

What is Gentleman’s Box?

John Haji, the founder of Gentleman’s Box, worked in the automotive industry years ago. A lifelong lover of fashion, long hours at work meant he was having trouble keeping his style game on par.

While visiting a friend, John came upon Birchbox, a grooming and skin-care subscription.

What if there was a way, he thought, to deliver classy accessories to guys who just don’t have the time?

The idea for Gentleman’s Box was born.

The company launched in the Spring of 2014 and has been delivering men’s accessories ever since.

Haji has made a simple promise that’s helped the steady growth of his subscription service—every Gentleman’s Box offers at least three times the value of what it costs.

Not only that, but every subscriber also gets a 1-year subscription to GQ magazine on signing up. Not a bad perk.

There are two subscription options:

Gentleman’s Box Classic Subscription

Gentleman’s Box has a new release every month based on a famous gentleman. Whether it’s Jack Nicholson or Jason Momoa, these packages are filled with little details that paint a dapper picture.

Generally, the Classic subscription features a tie and a pair of socks. Beyond that, you’ll find cufflinks, tie-bars, lapel pins, bracelets, headphones—the small things that busy guys love but never find the time to buy.

Gentleman’s Box Premium Subscription

For those that want access to even more high quality accessories, Gentleman’s Box offers a premium subscription, too. It’s delivered quarterly rather than monthly and is packed with a few high-end goodies.

Featuring four to six items, the Premium box still keeps the 3x value promise. These items are high-end accessories—the kind of details that make a truly distinguished man.

For our reviews, Gentleman’s Box sent us their Fall 2019 Premium edition and their February 2020 Classic edition. Read what I thought after joining over 40,000 guys in learning what the gentleman is all about.

Gentleman’s Box Classic Review

Irish Boss (Feb. 2020)


Gentlemans box classic subscription irish boss

Gentleman’s Box makes a special effort to have each box feel like an experience.

And on first impression, that’s no different at the brand’s lower priced Classic tier.

You’re not just getting a bunch of things stuffed inside a piece of cardboard. It’s obvious that the GB team has built a curated and thematically linked collection.


Well, they include a small booklet that tells you the inspiration behind that month’s collection. February’s box was “Irish Boss”, in honor of Cillian Murphy.

model looking to side wearing navy suit and gentlemens box accessories

The booklet has more information on all the included brands, ideas on how to wear your new accessories, date night ideas, quotes, member profiles, and exclusive deals.

Prior to the February Classic Box, I’d only tried the Fall Premium delivery. I was impressed with the booklet included in the Premium box, but at ~$70 less, I wasn’t expecting to see the same packaging quality in the Classic Box each month.

It’s a classy touch.

Gentleman’s Collective Tie

model wearing a suit and gentlemens box accessories

The first thing that jumped out at me was the Gentleman’s Collective tie. I think it’s safe to say that ties are the most prominent accessory in a man’s wardrobe. A close second is the watch, followed by socks.

But if you’re wearing a tie, it’s usually the first thing people notice.

That said, you can’t skimp on it. Even if you’re wearing a finely tailored suit, a bunk tie will lower the perceived quality of your whole look.

Gentleman’s Collective has done a nice job with their blue, white, with a dash of green tartan pattern.

The tie is 100% cotton, and thick cotton, too. This is an excellent delivery in the middle of winter and would look fantastic paired with any wool suit, and would crush it against a camel hair coat or heavy pea-coat.

Gentlemen of the North Socks

gentlemen of the north grey and blue polka dot socks

Gentleman’s Box also loaded the February edition up with some Gentlemen of the North grey and navy polka dot socks.

These socks aren’t exceptional quality—they’re pretty run of the mill—but I love that they match the tie, pocket square, and lapel flower.

Unless you’re in middle school and it’s crazy sock day, you don’t want your socks to stand out. Now that doesn’t mean you should opt for solid colors all the time—polka dot, stripes, and fun patterns are fine, but the colors should complement the rest of your outfit. Neon green socks for kicks and giggles doesn’t cut it.

I’ll likely be saving these socks for the days when I wear these accessories all together.

Lord of Ties Pocket Square

lord of ties pocket square pattern closeup

Lord of Ties packs in a navy and silver pocket square with yet another fun but non-distracting pattern.

The pocket square is one of those unique touches that few guys make use of. They’re highly recommended for weddings and other events. But having one tag along when you’re going to the office will surely win you “best dressed” at the company holiday party.

I’m a big fan of pocket squares because they’re small dashes of personality in what may otherwise be a boring suit.

Lord of Ties makes a solid pocket square and I’ll be using it as a dash of color for years to come.

Lord of Ties Lapel Flower

grey lapel flower

Here’s something I don’t have—a lapel flower.

Well, actually, I do now.

While the lapel flower (or boutonniere) never really went out of style, it’s making a big comeback in office attire.

This grey felt flower is a fun accessory that’s appropriate in just about any situation where you’d wear a suit. Again, it matches perfectly with the socks, tie, and pocket square.

Windsor Tie Co. Tie Bar

closeup of gentlemens collective tie on model paired with navy suit and white shirt

To round out the box, Gentleman’s Box sent along a paper clip tie bar.

This detail brings me to the thing I like most about GB. They could’ve sent along a safe silver tie bar (of which I already own two). And you know what? I wouldn’t have been upset, but I probably wouldn’t have ever used it.

But with the paper clip tie bar, they’re making a statement. Obviously, you’re not going to wear this tie bar to a funeral or anything, but it’s the perfect playful accessory for wearing to the office.

Sure, you won’t wear it all the time—maybe not even once a week.

But there are going to be some days when you suit up and this tie bar is the perfect option.

I like that Gentleman’s Box isn’t afraid of doling out some accessories that are on the playful side. Dressing well doesn’t mean you have to look like a super-serious GQ model all the time. It’s just as important to let loose every once in a while, too.

My Overall Thoughts on Gentleman’s Box Classic

What I Like

  • There were five items and four patterns. Paired with a simple blue suit and white shirt, these accessories will add all the flair I need for a killer outfit.
  • The overall value for the Classic subscription is excellent (at least for this box). I’ll get use out of every item well beyond the pretty reasonable price paid.
  • The accessories all match very well. Again, when you put these all together, they really make the outfit.
  • Gentleman’s Box isn’t just about the products they put in the package—with their unique guidebook packaging, they’re clearly committed to being a resource for Gentlemen everywhere.

What I Don't Like

  • I’m not sure how long the socks will last. I’ll probably only wear them when I’m wearing the other accessories because I don’t want them to wear out too soon.

The Verdict

Gentleman’s Box packs impressive value in their Classic subscription.

While I’ve had experience with tons of other subscription services, GB is at the very top of the list for building a theme and delivering quality with nearly every item.

If you ever wear a suit and have a simple, solid colored shirt, this delivery is like an outfit in a box.

I paired these accessories with a simple blue suit and white shirt, but it looked like I put a ton of thought and effort into my outfit.

I didn’t. Gentleman’s Box did.

If you’re on a budget or not quite ready to stump up for the Premium box, I recommend picking up a Classic box and giving the Gent a try.

(Use code TAM20 for 20% off your first box)

Gentleman’s Box Premium Review

The Commuter Edition (Fall 2019)


Gentlemans Box Package Top Down

The packaging for the Premium subscription is great. It’s large but still easy to handle.

Fall 2019 featured The Commuter Edition.

Gentlemans box premium subscription packaging 2

Everything was neatly wrapped and carefully placed, and I enjoyed reading the accompanying booklet. I was able to learn all about the individual companies that produced the items in the package. Plus, the note from the founder, John Haji, was a great touch.

Modern Made Man Leather Backpack

Modern Made Man Leather Backpack front on solo

The largest item in The Commuter Edition is the leather backpack from Modern Made Man.

Retailing at $169, the price of the backpack is greater than the cost of the Premium subscription.

That’s a good start.

The design is clean and minimalist. I love the strap across the top of the bag and it helps a surprising amount when traveling.

modern made man leather backpack closeup side 2

There are three major pockets in the bag—one in the back for a laptop, a main compartment, and a smaller pouch in the front.

Modern made man leatherbackpack puton

The laptop pocket features a dedicated space to stow your computer when you’re on the go. There’s a button-down strap you can secure across the top, which is great for when you set your bag down. The padding in this pocket is pretty sparse—it feels like a thin layer of styrofoam—so you’re not getting a ton of protection.

Modern Made Man Leather Backpack computer pocket 1.jpg

The main compartment has plenty of spaces for pens, wallet, cellphone, a book—whatever you need for your daily commute. Modern Made Man put some thought into how this bag would be used and went the extra mile to make sure it was a great value.

The front pouch is just a front pouch. Nothing special. But I like the look and I appreciate the extra space.

I love the leather pulls on the zippers. I took this bag out with me for a workday during one of North Carolina’s first true fall days. After a hot and humid summer, 40 degrees was feeling pretty chilly (the whole state of Washington is laughing at me). The leather zipper-pulls really made a difference in how easy it was to open the bag. They’re not just for looks.

Modern Made Man Leather Backpack zipper detail

This leather backpack isn’t easy to adjust on the shoulders. You have to work at it. But I like the silver and leather look, so I’ll take the stiff adjustment hoops.

Modern Made Man Leather Backpack scrunch ring detail

To be honest, I don’t think I’d pay $169 for this bag. That being said, I’d value it at nearly the cost of a Gentleman’s Premium subscription. So just with the first item, I’m feeling like it was worth it.

But that’s just the beginning. There’s still the rest of the box to go.

Armoir Fashion Leather Portfolio

Armoir Leather Porfolio top down straight

Next up is the Armoir Fashion Leather Portfolio.

This simple leather design has a very rustic appeal to it. There are plenty of places to see the unique leather grain, complete with scuff marks and defects.

Armoir Leather Porfolio top down closeup

I dig the rustic look, and I’ll definitely get a lot of use out of this piece. It does appear to be made from scrap leather, though. The stitching is a bit uneven and the edges are unburnished. Armoir Fashion isn’t sending a fine-finished piece, and a little effort could’ve gone a long way.

Leather Portfolio angle with pencil

The leather portfolio is exactly the reason I like subscription services. It’s a small item that I’d never think to get for myself. But once I see it, I can think of ten different ways to use it. And while it’s not a deal-breaker, I would have liked a little more attention to detail from Armoir Fashion.

Andar Leather Corditos

Andar Cordito tan center

What the heck are corditos?

I’ll tell you.

They’re awesome, that’s what they are.

The Fall 2019 box packs three of these super simple leather patches that save a world of headache.

Andar cordito tan solo

I love a simple design that saves frustration. The Andar Corditos are perfect for packing headphones and charger cables. Since I work from cafes a lot, I’m always stashing cords for my camera and computer. These have come in handy nearly every day since I first got them.

I wish I had twenty, but three will have to do for now.

Gentleman Collective Umbrella

Gentleman Collective Umbrella folded

The Gentleman Collective umbrella couldn’t have come at a better time.

In my move from California to North Carolina, I didn’t pack an umbrella. It’s crazy. It literally never rains in Cali. And when it rains in North Carolina, it’s the sort of rain that makes you want to build a boat and start herding pairs of animals.

Gentleman Collective Umbrella buttoned

Still, for the last year, I’ve been totally unprepared. I actually had an umbrella in my Amazon cart but hadn’t hit the buy button yet.

So that’s a total win for Gentleman’s Box. They sent me something I didn’t have and I was willing to buy on its own. A lot of times with subscription services, you’re getting cool items that you like but don’t need. This one was different.

Gentleman Collective Umbrella undone against the light

I haven’t personally used my umbrella yet, but you know who has? My wife.

It was a stormy day and she was about to leave for work. She pulled out a paper grocery bag to hold over her head (because she knew we didn’t have an umbrella) and was about to leave. I stopped her. Bam. Umbrella. Such a gentleman I am.

What Others Say About Gentleman’s Box

Over 450 reviews on Trustpilot average out to over 4 stars—earning them a “Great” rating. 50 Amazon ratings come to the same conclusion.

The Youtube community also has great things to say about their experience with both the Classic and Premium subscriptions to Gentleman’s Box.

Gentlemans Box Informational booklet curator

One issue that came up is their “call-to-cancel” policy. They claim it’s so they can gather feedback from the community, but it also makes canceling more difficult.

Other unhappy reviewers just didn’t care for the look of the items they were getting. Your best bet is to take a look at previous shipments. If you don’t like what you see, you won’t like what’s coming.

On the flip-side, if you like what you see, you can expect more great things every quarter or every month.

Based on all the online-love, most people agree that Gentleman’s Box offers a great value for the cost.

My Overall Thoughts on Gentleman’s Box Premium

What I Like

  • I definitely feel like I got more value than the cost of the subscription.
  • While I’ll get varying degrees of use out of these products, each item held its own. They’re all useful and I’m happy to have each piece.
  • All the items look cool and fit into my style easily.
  • I finally have an umbrella and was able to save the day by giving it to my wife.

What I Don't Like

  • The Armoir Fashion leather portfolio could have used a little more TLC. I appreciate the rustic design, but I expect to have burnished edges and consistent stitching on premium quality products.
  • The “call-to-cancel” policy seems a little outdated. For an internet-native company, I expect to see a streamlined, easy process for handling cancellations.

The Verdict

I don’t know how to say this nicely, but many subscription services come with one cool item and a bunch of other useless junk.

For my first go around with Gentleman’s Box, I was impressed.

Each item held its own, which isn’t always the case. I see myself using each of these items regularly.

I like to keep things simple and classic. Everything I got in the Fall 2019 Premium edition fits my style just right. Thanks to Gentleman’s Box, I’m outfitted with a few more accessories that help me look the part of an Adult Man.

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modern made man leather backpack on back

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