2016 in Review: 25 Things All Men Can Learn From An UNFORGETTABLE Year

Well, that was interesting.

2016 is finally over, with many declaring it the worst year in history.

This may be a slight exaggeration. Just look at 1347 when the Black Death killed off most of Europe for an example of how things could’ve been a lot worse.

It certainly was eventful year, but what can every gent learn from the past 365 days? We break it down.

1 No one is safe

We lost a lot of legends in 2016, with each week seemly bringing another celebrity death.

Many talents sadly left us with the space chameleon David Bowie, pop’s purple icon Prince and bad guy extraordinaire Alan Rickman just some of the famous names who passed away.

The deaths continued throughout the year and just when you thought it was safe, 2016 hit with a late double whammy. The last few days of the year brought the sad news of George Michael and everyone’s first crush Carrie Fisher sadly leaving us.

2 …even our furry friends

Bush did Harambe.

R.I.P. You big ol’ gorilla. I hope you’re loving the bananas in heaven. Maybe see if they’ll rustle you up a banoffee pie? Trust me fur ball, you’ll love it.

On a side note, I’m sure he’s smiling down at all the meme inspired joy he brought us all.

3 If they say it definitely won’t happen, it definitely will

If they say it definitely won’t happen, it definitely will

Image courtesy of T.J. Hawk on Flickr

From Brexit to Donald Trump’s unprecedented rise all the way to the presidency, 2016 was the year of shock results.

This was the year the experts failed to successfully call anything, telling us there was more chance of Michael Jackson moonwalking into the White House than the Donald’s win.

Maybe, no one really has a clue about anything?

4 Experience isn’t everything

Experience isn’t everything

Image courtesy of Michael Vadon on Flickr

….sometimes you just need to go for it!

If Donald Trump can become the most powerful politician in the world with no prior experience of politics at all, you can definitely land that job.

Politics aside, his win is a testament to just how far confidence and self-belief can take you. And several billion dollars of course.

5 We can speak up about our problems

2016 saw more men than ever start to speak about their problems with mental health. Several high profile celeb’s spoke honestly about their issues, including Bruce Springsteen and Ryan Reynolds.

This is progress but more still needs to be done.

Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50. If you have a problem, it is OK to ask for help.

We recently put together an article on the growing male suicide crisis, take a look here.

6 Keep your emails on lockdown


You never who might try and sneak a peek. And you could stand to lose a lot from it.

Like say, an election. Isn’t that right, Hil…

7 You don’t need celebrity endorsements to succeed

Do you Hilary? Hilary? Helloooo?

8 If life’s worth living, it’s worth sharing

If life’s worth living, it’s worth sharing

2016 saw us up our social media addictions even further.

Shiny new features like FaceBook live, Instagram Stories and even more SnapChat filters than ever before just had to be used and abused.

Hell, even the Pope’s on Insta now. #follow4follow Francis?

9 There is no one more manly than Deadpool

Seriously. You may think you are manliness personified, but you don’t even come close.

Even though he looks like a shaved you-know-what.

10 Even super bro’s argue

The big screen was home to some super beef this year, literally.

We saw the world’s greatest superheroes go head to head in Batman Vs Superman, even if it was a let-down in the end.

Not content with letting DC have all the fun, Cap. America and Iron Man rounded up a team of titans each and went to town. Next time you and your mates have a little disagreement, remember everyone does from time to time.

At least you don’t cause billions of dollars’ worth of damage in the process. Or maybe you do? In which case, maybe lay off the liquor. Or find some new friends. Or both.

11 If your friends are falling out, don’t feel like you have to take sides

If Thor can sit it out, so can you. Take a break, you don’t need the drama.

12 If you’re going to play the field, make sure you’re not dating Beyoncé

April saw the surprise release of Lemonade from Queen Bey, naming and shaming the mysterious ‘Becky with the good hair.’

If you are inclined to dabble in side chicks, best make sure your main squeeze isn’t a creative mega force super diva.

Guess Jay-Z got 100 problems now…

13 You can still catch ‘em all

No, not an STD reference, I am of course on about Pokémon Go.

Undoubtedly the gaming phenomenon of the year was when Pikachu and pals returned to our lives this summer with the app bringing them to the real world.

It took the globe by storm, adding $7.5 billion to Nintendo’s stock value almost overnight and even inspiring it’s very own word in Holland, “Pokemonterreur,” referring to the trouble player’s cause.

Interested in how man devolved from hunter-gatherer to Pokémon Go player? Check this out.

14 Revenge tastes sweet for Northerners

From raising the dead in season opener “The Red Woman” all the way through to the explosive season finale “The Winds of Winter,” Game of Thrones served up some truly epic moments in this year’s series.

The undoubted highlight had to be “Battle of the Bastards” where the Starks finally got some well-earned revenge. I’ve never been so happy to see a man’s faithful pet’s turn against him.

15 What Hodor means

2016 really did suck.

16 It’s never too late for a comeback

Michael Phelps came out of retirement for the Rio Olympics and broke a 2,000+-year-old record to become the most successful Olympian of all time.

He now has more medals than 91 countries (I’m looking at you Portugal).

Maybe it’s time to dust off that old guitar or get the bike out of the garage. Speaking of comebacks….

17 The 80’s are back, baby!

In Back to the Future 2, Marty McFly travelled to 2015. If he’d picked 2016, he’d be forgiven for checking the DeLorean’s dial.

2016 saw the return of the 80’s big time, with Ghostbusters hitting the big screen again, Guns ‘n’ Roses getting back together and the year’s biggest TV hit, Stranger Things taking us right back 30 years.

Bring on the mullets and perms.

18 Lightning can strike thrice

Michael Phelps wasn’t the only one to teach us a lesson this summer at Rio.

Usain Bolt proved the old saying wrong to complete an unmatched ‘triple triple’ and win his 7th, 8th and 9th Olympic golds.


19 Try, try, try and try again

You’ll get there in the end. Just ask our boy Leo, who finally bagged his Oscar this year.

All he had to do was fight a bear, fall off a cliff and spend the night inside a horse’s stomach.

If only he’d done that in Gilbert Grape!

20 P.D.A.’s do not help your relationship and are the worst thing ever

Just ask Tom Hiddleston about his ‘I <3 TS’ monstrosity of a tee he was snapped in.

The very public and nauseating experience that was ‘HiddleSwift’ (I feel dirty just writing that word) lasted all of two minutes, proving that not only are P.D.A.’s awful, they don’t even help your relationship.

21 What true happiness looks like

You may think you’re happy and content with life but you are not. This is what pure happiness looks like…

22 Social Media crazes can pay off

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Well in 2016 it funded a breakthrough in ALS research.

Take that Haters! Now let’s get one started to fund my date with Margot Robbie. Hang on, what?

23 You will never date Margot Robbie

December 18, 2016. The day the dream died. Margot Robbie officially leaves the market, marrying Tom Ackerley.

Goddammit 2016!

24 Your phone may kill you


As well as taking most of your life up, 2016 proved that your phone may actually be the thing to end it too.

All around the world Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s started exploding everywhere, forcing a product recall. Not the way most would want to go.

25 Enjoy yourself


Probably the most important lesson, because World War Three (or an exploding phone) might be just around the corner!

Featured images courtesy of Christine und Hagen GrafJeff DjevdetRosana Prada, and T.J. Hawk on Flickr. 

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