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The Adult Man is now accepting content submissions. We accept articles, photo/video ‘listicles’, how-to articles, tutorials, and videos.

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We get over 150,000 monthly pageviews and we have over 14,000 loyal social media followers. Your article will get great exposure and it will be a fixture on our site for life.

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All topics must be targeted toward our predominantly (75%) male audience:

  • fashion and style
  • hair and grooming
  • self-development
  • DIY projects
  • dating and relationships
  • home improvement
  • general men’s lifestyle
  • health and fitness

Your Topic must Be Specific

Please do not pitch us or submit general topics.  Instead, ensure it’s a very specific topic so that you can cover it in detail.

For example, don’t submit a “10 Awesome Beard Styles” article.  That’s far too broad. Instead, consider submitting an article all about “10 Ways to Shape a Long Beard”.  The more specific and detailed, the better.

Article Length

Your article should be 600 words minimum. 1,000 to 3,000 words is preferable.

A general rule? The longer the better.

How many images should be included?

We don’t have any set rules here. If it’s a listicle article, we will require an article/video embed link for every list heading that you use. This is for consistency across the site.

Care for another general rule? You got it. The more images the better.

You must have the lawful copyright license for every image you submit.

Quality is King

We will only publish quality, unique posts. And by quality, we mean truly remarkable content. If you search for the topic on Google, yours should be the best post on that topic that you can find.

We turn down a lot of guest post offers. Only the best make the cut.


1. References and outbound links

If you make any claim or assertion, it needs to be backed up with an outbound link (DoFollow) to a quality source. We like to include a lot of links in our articles. We want our readers to always be directed to quality resources, whether they’re on our site or other sites.

2. Post structure and tone

Your article should begin with an introduction and end with a call to action.

Your article should be written in a conversational tone (prefer it’s and don’t instead of it is and do not). Think “friendly expert”. Good humor is always welcomed.

3. Non-promotional

Your post must be informative and not promotional.

If you’d like to submit a promotional article (i.e. sponsored post), please see our advertise page.

4. Headings

Please use proper heading tags.  The first heading should be h1, and the main headings should be h2. The main sub-headings should be h3 (including all listicle headings).

Check out this post for an example of how to format your headings.

5. Videos

Please include links to any helpful or relevant YouTube videos on the topic that improve your article. These will auto-embed when published.

6. Internal links

Please take the time to find related articles on TheAdultMan.com and link to a few of them in your content.

7. Link to your site

One DoFollow link within the post content is permitted back to your site. The link must be to a a relevant and quality resource that will be helpful to our readers.

If a reader would be confused (or bemused as to the quality) after clicking through to a linked page, it will be removed before we post it.

8. Submission format:

Please submit your article in .docx or Google Docs format.

9. Affiliate links

We may add our own affiliate links in your article if they are relevant. If you include your own affiliate links, they will be replaced by ours.

10. Byline information

Please submit an author photo, social media handles, and a short byline description (no more than 2-3 sentences) along with your article. Byline links will be NoFollow.

Your Submission may Be Rejected

Kindly note that we reserve the right to reject full article submissions, even if we’ve approved your idea. If we do reject your article, we’re happy to give you another shot at improving the article and resubmitting it.


By submitting an article for publishing on TheAdultMan.com you agree that copyright to that article transfers to TheAdultMan.com. This means we reserve the right to edit headers, body copy, or any other part of the article.

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