Your Go-To Guide To Buying Watches Online + The 3 Best Online Watch Stores

Here’s the thing.

Shopping for a watch online can be super confusing. Especially if you’re new to it.

Fire up a Google search for almost any watch and in just a few minutes you’ll probably find (what seems to be) the same watch available on a whole host of different websites.

And the worst part? The prices can often be wildly different between sites as well.

If this has happened to you, you probably end up doing what many of the guys we’ve chatted to about this issue do:

Abort the watch buying mission.

Yep, they bail on it. Pull the parachute. And you probably do too.

You then wait until you see it at a good price at your favorite brick and mortar store.

And hey, there’s nothing wrong with doing that. Brick and mortar stores give you that old fashioned personal feeling of buying a watch—including feeling and seeing it on your wrist.

But if you’re avoiding the online watch market altogether, there’s a good chance you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

And choice.

That’s where we step in.

We’ve put together this article to help you better understand the online watch marketplace in general, as well as listing our picks of the very best online watch stores in 2019 that you can reliably buy from.

Yes, you should always do your own research. But by the end of this article, you should feel a lot more confident about making the best possible buying decision.

Let’s dive into it.

Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for a Watch Online

The online watch marketplace is a unique beast.

These are the key things we think you should consider when buying any watch online.

Some are closely related to each other.

Type of Seller

Online watch sellers come in different forms:

Brands Selling Direct via E-Commerce

A.K.A skipping the middleman. A recent example in the luxury space is Omega, which in 2017, launched its own online store in the United States.

Authorized Third Party Dealers

These are retailers that have authorization from watch companies to sell their products.

They buy their watches directly from the manufacturer which means they usually offer a full factory warranty.

But their prices are generally the highest of all types of sellers because they’re restricted to being guided by the manufacturer’s recommended sale price (MSRP).


Resellers are those that sell brand-new, reliably genuine watches—but they do so without authorization from watch manufacturers.

This means they’re not restricted by MSRPs and so they can offer great prices. But you often don’t get an official factory warranty as a result.

To offset this, many large resellers will offer their own warranty.

A well-known and trusted example of a reseller with thousands of positive TrustPilot reviews is Jomashop. They offer their own warranty on all brand name watches.

Click to jump ahead to our thoughts on this store.


Online auction juggernaut, eBay, remains a popular place for sellers of new and used watches.

Marketplaces, Forums, and Other Online Communities

One thing has always been true—where people gather they will sell stuff.

Watchuseek is probably the most popular watch forum in the world and it has its own dedicated sales corners. Another popular site is WatchRecon—a search engine built around private watch sales by both individuals and dealers alike.

There’s also always good ol’ Reddit, namely, /r/watchexchange.

Specialist Pre-Owned Exchanges

Certified pre-owned watch exchanges like Bob’s Watches are popular destinations for the buying and selling of Rolex watches and other luxury timepieces.


At its core, watchmaking is an incredibly intricate work of art.

And not unlike the art world, the reputation of the seller you’re thinking about making a purchase from should be your number one concern.

Google is your friend. Read and count reviews. Scope forums like Watchuseek. Check the store’s customer testimonials (it should be pretty obvious whether they’re genuine or not, but here’s a hint—if they’re 100% over-the-top positive, they’re probably not real).

The reality is, there are dodgy stores out there selling dodgier watches. But by choosing only to buy from reputable sellers, your risk of making a sour transaction is significantly lower.


The old one-liner “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is” doesn’t just apply to your dating life.

That’s right. It’s a big one when it comes to buying watches online.

If a new (or even used) watch is priced significantly lower than average it can often mean one of a few things:

  • it’s cosmetically or mechanically flawed
  • it’s stolen
  • it’s fake

And to be clear—we’re not referring to the discounts available via resellers here.

In that case, provided you’re buying through one of the reputable sellers we’ve listed below, the lower price is unlikely to be an indicator of a lack of authenticity, and more likely to be due to the seller not being restricted to the manufacturer’s pricing guidelines.

But as with all of this advice, you should always do your own research into any online seller you’re considering buying a watch from.

Warranty and Return Policy

You know how we said that watchmaking is an intricate work of art? Well, on rare occasions, those intricacies can cause unforeseen problems.

Especially with mechanical watches that have a lot more individual parts.

So it’s important you know up front what options you have if anything goes wrong with your prized timepiece.

It’s more important than ever to read any online watch seller’s warranty and returns sections carefully.


It relates to what we mentioned above.

Warranties can be different depending on whether the seller is an authorized dealer.

If they are—they’ll likely be offering a full factory warranty. If not, it’s more likely to be the seller’s own warranty.

The next step is to check out how the seller handles the repair of your watch when you submit a warranty claim.

Make sure the seller uses professional repairmen, technicians, and/or horologists who have the ability and credentials to repair your specific watch brand to the manufacturer’s standard.

But when it comes to return policies, we’ll say this. In the world of online watch buying, you should assume that most of your purchases are non-returnable.

Obviously, check the individual website’s policy that you’re buying from. But in our experience, unless there’s an issue with the watch itself, you’re likely going to face some fierce resistance in trying to reverse the transaction.

If you can, try the watch on your wrist at a brick and mortar store (or by borrowing it from someone) before pulling the trigger online.

If you’re spending a lot of money on a watch online, it’s a good idea to know you’re going to like it before laying down your hard earned dollars.

Customer Service

This one is pretty straight forward. We only buy from online watch sellers with a high quality of customer service.

And you should too.

Because it’s the easiest for them to get right. If they can’t, we’ll happily head to their competition.

Further Reading:

The 3 Best Online Watch Stores in 2019

With all of the above in mind, and after plenty of research, this is our shortlist of the best watch stores selling online today.

We’ve leaned more toward resellers with this list because we’ve consistently had (and read about) good experiences at great prices through the below sellers.

We’d love to hear about your own experiences with these sellers (or any others). Please chat with us about it in the comments below.

This is a fluid list which will be updated regularly.

1. Jomashop

Jomashop Online Watch Store Screenshot

Type of Seller: Reseller
Warranty: 1 to 5 years (non-factory and brand dependent)
Reviews: 13,000+ reviews on TrustPilot with an average rating of 8.9 out of 10

Jomashop is a large Brooklyn based reseller that has slowly but surely worked its way to the top of our list. They claim to have been founded in 1987, and judging by the amount of reviews they’ve racked up online, we wouldn’t doubt it.

Jomashop have a built an excellent reputation among watch enthusiasts as a reliable authentic online seller. They guarantee authenticity and offer their own warranty for every brand name watch sold (note that distinction) for a period of one to five years depending on the brand.

They have live online chat and they seem to actually value customer service—which is often a rarity in the online watch buying world. They also offer a trade-in / trade-up service where you can get an estimate on your pre-owned watch, ship it to them, then apply the credit to a purchase over $1,000.

Because of all of the above, Jomashop is currently our first click in our list of bookmarks when shopping for a watch online.

(Get an instant $20 voucher by signing up to the Jomashop mailing list)

2. CertifiedWatchStore

CertifiedWatchStore Site Screenshot

Type of Seller: Reseller
Warranty: 2 years (non-factory)
Reviews: 900+ reviews on TrustPilot with an average rating of 8.9 out of 10

CertifiedWatchStore (CWS) is a family owned business that has built an excellent reputation as a trustworthy, authentic online watch store. Based in Brooklyn, they have over 10 years of luxury watch and jewelry industry experience (they also sell jewelry and accessories).

CWS provides a 100% authenticity guarantee and sells all of their watches with the original manufacturer’s serial numbers intact. We scoured review sites and forums in putting together this list and found the vast majority of customer experiences to be positive, with no complaints related to authenticity.

Oh, and they actually ship them in their original packaging. Think it’s weird I mentioned that? Well, through researching for this piece we uncovered a few resellers that don’t—they instead ship some watches in non-authentic packaging.

CWS purchases its watches via authorized dealers (they’re a reseller) which is why they’re able to offer discounted prices (you know, that whole thing we explained above about them having no pricing restrictions).

They offer their own two-year warranty on every watch sold. You can reach them via email, live chat, or phone with any questions whether pre or post-sale.

Provided you’re happy to forgo a factory warranty in exchange for their own two-year warranty, you’re in for some pretty awesome deals.

(Get an instant $10 off coupon by signing up to the CWS mailing list)

3. Amazon

Last update on 2019-08-12 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Type of Seller: Direct as a Reseller / Authorized Dealer / Third-party
Warranty: Varies (see here)
Reviews: If you’re buying from Amazon direct as a reseller or as an authorized dealer—uh, it’s Amazon! If you can’t trust them, I’m not sure who you can trust. But if you’re buying on Amazon via a third-party seller—always be sure to check the ratings on the seller’s storefront.

Amazon kinda has to make this list. I mean, it’s Amazon. And pretty much every watch is on there.

But how you buy a watch on Amazon can make a difference to your experience. And we’re going to briefly explain it for you. If you want to read about this in more detail, check out this awesome post by Basic Bands and scroll down to the Amazon section.

Watches on Amazon are generally sold either:

  • Direct by Amazon (reseller)—Amazon sources and sells authentic watches, just like CWS, Jomashop and other resellers do (look for the “shipped and sold by” text)
  • With Amazon as the authorized dealer (will usually be those listed with a manufacturer’s warranty—just like this Timex Weekender , for example)
  • Via third-party sellers (this Casio  is a case in point)

Third-party sellers (number three) is the only one you need to be cautious about. Be sure to click and review their storefront page before making a purchase.

Avoid third-party sellers with bad reviews, few reviews, clearly fake reviews, lack of positive ratings, and signs of bad packaging.

Here’s a good general rule to go by:

Only buy a watch from a seller on Amazon that isn’t Amazon itself if the third-party seller is both cheaper than Amazon for the watch in question AND very highly rated.

As always, do your own research. But if you take that advice you’ll usually be able to get a genuine watch on Amazon at a great price.

Here are the top three bestsellers in men’s wrist watches on Amazon:

Last update on 2019-08-12 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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